How we increase value

- building economic value through growth based on competitiveness

Companies more than ever need to adapt their strategies to grow and enhance value. The rapidly changing operating environment forces companies to increasingly focus on their strengthening competitive advantage.

- building competitiveness through technology and innovative service concepts

Our investment or strategic advisory teams are helping companies to focus on value creation through growth based on competitiveness. We support management teams in expanding their strategic options beyond current home markets and into opportunistic market developments including strategic innovation, change management and rapid integration of new technology into their operations.

Implementation of new technology and innovation of service concepts are almost prerequisites to compete. However, with a focused approach, these can also be used to develop new core competences from.

We help management to identify, develop and leverage existing and new resources as well as distinct capabilities as core competences.

The excellent company can turn these core competences into sustainable competitive advantage, capturing the full economic value potential.

- realizing value through market awareness

Exit value is by definition determined by the market’s view on the company at any given time. Realizing value is always subject to timing – affected by the readiness of the market and the readiness of the company, respectively. As a consequence, the OTW Capital team engages in focused market intelligence activities as an essential part of the investment or the strategic development work already from day one, to continuously understand the value drivers in the market and prepare the company accordingly.