The OTW Capital Concept

- enhancing value by increasing company competitiveness

The Over the Water Capital (OTW Capital) team comprises individuals with expertise in management, operations, technology and innovative service concepts – and all sharing a profound understanding and appreciation of the challenges top managers and entrepreneurs are confronted with every day.

Upon investing our time or capital into a new venture, we develop and document an Owners’ Agenda together with other shareholders.

    The Owners’ Agenda:
  • is composed of a plan to enhance the value of the company through increasing the competitiveness of the company,
  • has a long-term perspective and is translated into short to mid-term actions by the board of directors and management team of the company, and
  • will also include a strategy to exit the company eventually.

Our active partnership with managers, directors and other major owners is distinct through our experience from strategic development and knowledge of technology and innovative service concepts to help companies build sustainable competitive advantage in the changing global marketplace. An OTW Capital investment team, based on internal as well as external competences, is formed around each company we invest in, to have the right combination of resources available for the company, with the Owners’ Agenda serving as the reference for the cooperation.

We have helped companies to expand into international markets and we know how to work with, and within, the corporate governance organisation – the shareholders, the board and the management team.